Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hola lovlies.
So yesterday I had my hair cut and coloured. I'm trying to grow my hair, as it has been the same length (just below my shoulders) probably for about the last five years, and I'm absolutely dying for long hair! Clipping in hair extensions for nights out is becoming a tedious process lol.
I was just watching a video by Imogen at FoxyLocks about how she cares for her hair, and it has inspired me to not only protect my hair more when styling with heat, but also to rest it from the clutches of my straighteners, as I'll confess to straightening every day. So we shall see what progress I make in the quest for long locks!

Had a relatively busy weekend so far. On Friday I was photographing childrens tv presenters Dick & Dom, who came to uni for a DJ set. They were actually really lovely! I was surprised, particularly after working with some divas (yes Scott and Abs from 5ive, I am talking about you!) but Dick and Dom were sweethearts.
I wasn't having a moment of outfit insanity either, for the record! It was a pyjama themed night so I opted for the 'I wear my boyfriends work shirt to bed' look.
Off to the library now to work on my dissertation proposal! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekends:)
Holly xx

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Nails of the Day

Sorry for the poor quality of my integrated webcam! Also my pale hands kind of blend into my marshmallow throw rug...but it was either that for a backdrop or my bedsheets which are the same colour as my nails. That wouldn't have worked, would it!
Today I painted my nails with Nails Inc polish in 'Elizabeth Street', an extremely pale pinky nude colour.
I'll admit I'm not massively impressed with Nails Inc. There are some factors about them that I like; the packaging, the pretty colours, the cute names. However I am dissappointed in the quality considering the price tags that go with their products. Also chipping...this polish did not remain chip free for a longer period of time than any cheaper polishes I own.
I'd been excited to try a Nails Inc polish for a long time, so I was over the moon to see that my Cosmopolitan magazine were offering a selection of colours free. I rooted through the rack of magazines until I found this colour, and was delighted that I was able to try it out for free before actually investing any money into it.
I can't say I'd repurchase a Nails Inc polish again, specifically. If there was a colour I was desperate for, and couldn't find a dupe in another brand, then I would opt for Nails Inc, but other than that I think that plenty of cheaper brands offer just a lovely polishes that are not only cheaper but just as good in terms of quality, if not better! (Barry M for example!)
Holly xx

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Tip of the Day

Just thought id quickly share a little tip with you that I picked up from watching a TV show (The Truth About Beauty, hosted by Martine McCutcheon...hope thats spelt right!)

Basically, one of the special guests who they were interviewing, her name escapes me, gave her top tips for healthy skin. She mustve been late thirties to fourties, and her skin was absolutely glowing! Her secret? Eating tomato puree on a cracker every single day. Not so strange really, as recent studies have shown that tomatos contain a specific chemical that has significant skin benefits. I think they are looking to produce this chemical in some kind of tablet form, if they havnt piloted one version of it already.

So yeh, I've purchased my tomato puree and my crackers, now to see if it's hello to healthy, glowing skin!


Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

So 2010 is upon us. Let me start by wishing everyone a very happy new year :)
I havn't blogged in a very long time..since October infact..but a new year equals a new start so I resolve to blogging on a more frequent basis! I might even start afresh entirely, by reintroducing myself and giving a quick account of where I am as the new year begins.

So, I'm in my final semester at University, studying for my Masters in Marketing (largely the reason for my lack of posts, it is the most time consuming thing I've ever done)
I work as a sales assistant at New Look in order to fund my social life and addiction to pretty, material things:)
I also work as part of the promotions team for Flirt! (the UKs biggest student night) at my University, as 'Miss Flirt'. (I basically go around & photograph everybody enjoying their night out, as well as photographing the special guests that are booked for appearances, ie Matt Willis from Busted, The Saturdays, etc) It's by far the most fun job I've ever had!
Not very exciting, but that is where I'm at right now. Im hoping 2010 will bring a little more excitement with it!

Santa was extremely generous this Christmas...not only did he buy me a new camera for my promo job (my last one had beer spilt on it, was dropped, and was generally very battered!), but he also brought me my very first MAC products:
MAC Style, finishing powder, and bronzer.

These were some of the products that the makeup artist used on me during the photoshoot I mentioned in a previous post, and I loved their staying power so much that they had to go on the Christmas list.

As well as these, I also recieved some products by SATC makeup artist Victoria Jackson, who has recently launched her own line of cosmetic products:

Above: VJ Survival Kit, Shimmer Bronzer, Lipgloss Trio and Makeover Essentials travel brush roll.
I was a little dubious at first, as a quick peek on her website did not leave me too impressed; it seems out of date and vague, however the products themselves are lovely, and I will discuss them in more detail at a later date.
For now, back to my market research assignment, joy!