Sunday, 7 March 2010


Here are my purchases from my recent shopping trip avec my mum.
1. Hollister Body Spray in 'Malibu': Those of you who have been to Hollister know that it is probably the nicest smelling shop in the world, you can smell it from a mile off, and basically I wanted to smell like whatever they use to spritz their clothing with. One of the sales assistants told me they mix two of their perfumes together to create the spray they use, but I picked up this body spray because to me it pretty much smells the same. I can't stop spraying it..mmm.
RRP: £11

2. Flower earrings: These are from Primark, and came in a set with another pair of gold flowers which I gave to my mum because she liked them. So for two pairs of pretty earrings I paid a whopping £2...bargain:)

3. Butterfly knickers: These are too pretty not to share with the blogosphere. They are in the '5 for £10' section of New Look, and are super sweet.

4. Bow necklace: This is another New Look purchase, and this is from their jewellery concession range which im ashamed to say iv forgotten the name of, which i shouldnt considering i work there, although we don't have any concession ranges at our tiny store so perhaps i can be forgiven for the memory loss! Either way, it is adorable, and retails at £7.

Holly xx

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