Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Review: Remington SpinCurl

While I have seen great results achieved with the Remington Spincurl (Zoe, pour example!), I have come to the conclusion that it is not for me.

I have annoying hair that is a complete pain to do anything with. It is bleached blonde, to my shoulders, and hasnt grown in length in probably about 5 years, possibly because I straighten it half to death. Either way, it is at a length that I personally think does not suit curls, not on me at least. I've tried numerous curling tongs to attempt to make it look pretty and curly but I always end up looking like a poodle, and the Remington Spincurl pretty much made me look the most poodle-fied that I've ever looked lol.

It isn't complicated to use, basically you just insert sections of hair into the curl attachment and the hairdryer whips the hair around into a sort of matted dreadlock, which when brushed out should leave you with beachy waves. But no, poodle hair for Holly. Luckily I purchased my Spincurl on offer in Sainsburys for £26...I would be absolutely kicking myself if I'd paid the full £39 for this product!

But yes, overall I am disappointed that this product didnt work for me. I think for girls with longer hair, this product can achieve some amazing results, but sadly my short blonde mop is stubborn and refuses to curl properly:P

I'm considering sticking it on ebay for around £20, if anybody is interested do let me know. I've only used it twice and still have all original packaging and instructions:)

Holly xo

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