Sunday, 25 October 2009

Busy Bee

Once again I have been slacking on the blogging front...
After a somewhat hectic week that flew by in a blur of difficult accounting equations and marketing strategics, I finally escaped to a little town not far from Cambridge, called Huntingdon, to spend the weekend with The Boyfriend.
On Friday night we went to the fair, which turned out to be so much fun considering we're both in our twenties and were therefore the oldest people there. We went on a ride called The Waltzer which spins you round so fast, and we were on it for a good ten minutes at £1.50 each which I thought was such good value for money!
Saturday consisted of shopping in Huntingdon. I was disappointed to find that the Huntingdon branch of Boots did not sell the Soltan tanning mitt. The woman behind the counter said 'we don't stock them at this time of year', which was a classic case of bad product knowledge.
I picked up a gorgeous gift bag in..wait for it...Card Factory! lol purely because I adore the print. If someone could tell me where on earth you can get the wallpaper that has this print then I would be ever so grateful!
(ignore my accounting coursework...and that there on the right would be my hippo keyring:P)

The print is felt and is raised from the rest of the bag..cute huh? and only 99p! As you can see i had to purchase :)
We spent the evening in with milk and cookies and the X Factor..perfect :)
Speaking of which, I am off to watch the results now.
I'm thinking Miss Frank and Rachel in the bottom two...with John and Edward sneaking in to stay for another week..shocking!

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