Monday, 19 October 2009

Lets talk MAC

I am going to confess to being a total MAC virgin. My boyfriend bought me a set of MAC brushes for my birthday last year, but I do not own any MAC makeup, and up until the weekend I had never had the privalege of wearing any products by MAC.

So for my same birthday a year ago, my brother bought me a makeover experience day at DoubleTake Studios in London. Admittedly I felt like a bit of a plum about the whole thing and cringed at the thought of posing (akward, akward, akward!) for photos so I put off booking the shoot up until recently, a whole year on! If I'd known what was in store I would have booked it a lot sooner!

I basically had a wonderful makeover using all MAC products, and I fell in love. Here is a picture I took of my makeup at about 10pm, and considering I'd had the makeover at 1 o clock in the afternoon I think this just demonstrates the quality and lasting power of MAC products, as the makeup stayed firmly in place and was still flawless well into the evening.

Ta daaa!
Definately a MAC convert. When my finances are in order I plan on visiting my nearest store and purchasing some products as recommended by some of my favourite beauty bloggers.

Hope you're all having a lovely week:) will leave you with a teeny picture I scanned from the shoot!
(if you are thinking of booking a DoubleTake shoot, as a prewarning your photos cost £70 each..extortionate, yes?!)

Holly xo

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