Monday, 3 May 2010

i heart photoready

What I love the most about the beauty blogosphere is that every now and then it alerts me to a product that I wouldn't otherwise necessarily have known about...
... and sometimes when i purchase these products (st moriz being a fine example), i wonder how on earth i ever lived without them!

This can most definately be said about Revlon PhotoReady Foundation.

I am officially in love with a foundation for the very first time!
Before, I was using a 17 Skin Perfecting foundation and I was more than happy with this. It was nothing special but it did the job. I wouldn't say I particularly enjoyed wearing it.

I picked up Revlon PhotoReady in Boots when it was on promotion for £10 (I also had a £2 off voucher which made it a little cheaper) after reading numerous reviews on peoples blogs. I thought I'd give it a whirl while it was on the cheap.

At first I wasn't over the moon, but the more I used it the more in love I fell!
It is so easy to apply and it feels really lovely and silky on my skin, I just adore wearing it. Normally I would always moisturise my face before wearing any foundation but I have experimented without and just applied PhotoReady to my skin, and it still feels lovely.

Today I went back to wearing my 17 foundation and was thoroughly disappointed in the difference!

Highly recommend!!

Have you tried it? Would love to know what you think


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