Monday, 3 May 2010


Tomorrow is my last coursework hand in (with the exception of my 15,000 word dissertation for september..i guess im getting excited a little early!) and therefore I plan on treating myself to a spray tanning session, for two reasons:

1. because I am tired of being pale..nothing beats a golden glow for an instant mood boost!
2. because I am far too lazy to apply St Moriz. As much as I adore it, it is a long winded process and I feel lazy.

Therefore a spraytan is the way forward!
Im a little aprehensive, as the last time I had one of these was about 5 years ago for my 6th form prom, and I came out looking a little tango'd. However, I like to think that in 5 years fake tanning in salons has developed somewhat.

I'll be visiting the boyfriend in his little village of Soham (there is absolutely nothing in the way of shops, however there are about 3 tanning salons..the Soham locals must be tan-aholics) so i'll have to see which has the best facilities.

In the past, I've used two types of spray tan booths. One being where you stand in the booth and get sprayed by the machine, and the other where you stand half naked (all in the name of sunkissed skin!) and get sprayed by the tanning assistant.

Not sure which I preferred...has anyone tried either of these (or any different) spray tanning methods lately? Any recommendations?


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