Thursday, 25 February 2010

Gel Nails, Cadburys & Example

Not one for acrylic nails, I not long ago discovered my love for 'Bio Sculpture' nails.
Basically what this 40 minute or so treatment involves is much the same as having your nails painted as normal, however instead of having polish applied, a gel formulation is polished on to your natural nails. Firstly, a thin layer of base gel is applied. Because I opt for the French Manicure look (i'll explain my preference in a moment), i only have the clear base gel applied, with a layer of white gel swiped over my nail tips. Between each layer, you place your hand in this little contraption with a light in it to set the gel. At my salon, the treatment costs £30, and £15 for infills once your colour grows out. That is one of the reasons I opt for the French Manicure, as it hardly shows your nail growth due to the clear gel. Obviously with coloured gel you would start to see nail growth. These are my nails after three weeks, completely intact and chip free.

If I had painted my nails myself, I would have chipping most likely by the next day, which is the main reason I adore having gel nails. Not only do they look fantastic and so clean looking (another reason I love the french manicure), but my natural nails grow and strengthen beneath the gel, perfect for those who find it difficult to grow their nails.

What I would say as a negative to this treatment is that getting the gel nails removed is a bit of hassle, and I would highly recommend having them removed by your nail technician as opposed to removing them yourself. It involves soaking your nails in acetone for a long period of time and is just generally very time consuming and doesn't always work.

On the whole, however, much love for gel nails :)

In other news, I am in the process of consuming this badboy:

Much love for dairy milk also.

Last night, the wonderful Elliot Gleave aka EXAMPLE (of Watch the Sun Come up & Won't Go Quietly fame) performed at my university. It wasn't my day to do promo work however I was lucky enough to be allowed to go backstage before and after his show and watch the performance from the side of the stage. He is an excellent performer, if you havnt already heard his music I would head on over to youtube and check him out:)

Dress: New Look
Makeup is a combo of MAC and Barry M, with Girls Aloud 'Sarah' falsies:)

Alex Zane is doing a DJ set tomorrow night, very excited to work with him!
Hope you all have a fun weekend:)

Holly xx

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