Wednesday, 3 February 2010

George @ ASDA

Today I was in ASDA, buying bread (as you do!) when I stumbled across a nifty little bargain!
George nailpolishes are currently on sale for..wait for it...£1! In all fairness they retail at £1.50 normally which is a bargain in itself, but at £1 a go I couldnt resist picking up a couple.

The polish photographed above (and I apologise again for my webcam, it isnt wonderful I know!) is a greyish lavender colour. It pretty much comes out on the nail exactly as it looks in the bottle, which is pleasing as some nailpolishes come out completely unexpected.
In terms of application, it went on quite well! On one hand I have done two coats and on the other only one, and there really is no difference between the two. I have only just painted them so I don't know about their lasting power so far but I'll keep you informed.
What I love about this polish is that it dries in absolutely no time at all. Big thumbs up to that.
In terms of the colour, Im a little unsure if I like it. Its a case of I don't dislike it, but I don't love it either, so im a little unsure for the time being. I also bought a pretty baby pink colour so i'll give that a try and see how that comes out!
So if you feel like opting for a cheap and cheerful nail polish, head on down to ASDA :)
Holly xx

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