Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Product Rave: Batiste!

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This is by no means a new product, however I am a firm believer that you can't get much better in terms of dry shampoo than Batiste. I can say this confidently after trying several different, more expensive dry shampoo from more renowned hair brands, from the likes of Mark Hill et al.
From all the dry shampoos I have road tested, cheap and cheerful Batiste has always been a winner for me :)

I purchase mine from Asda for £1.99 which, considering it is an absolute hair saviour, is such good value for money. Not only do I use this product to revive my hair between washes, but even after I've washed my hair and im going out and I feel it needs a little added volume, I'll spray on some Batiste and my hair is instantly volumised. Lovelovelove it! They have expanded their product umbrella by incorporating a Brunette formulation to cater for those who find the original Batiste leaves noticable residue in their dark hair. Being blonde I do not have this problem, however it is nice that the brand have recognised the issue and provided a solution (albeit at a slightly higher retail price). Batiste also comes in a variety of scents...I buy the pink one 'Blush'.

Big thumbs up!

Holly xx

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