Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Valentines

I realise that the title of this post is a little belated, however I have been bedbound with the flu since Monday morning so I havnt had a chance to do a blog post!

So however you spent your Valentines, I hope you had a lovely day! I know its not everybodys cup of tea for whatever reason, but im a bit of a mushy one and have always had a soft spot for Feb 14th. Last year was a disaster for reasons I wont disclose, however le boyfriend had bigstyle making up to do this year, and he came through! Just thought I'd share some pictures with you in terms of what I wore etc :)

My evening began with a very cryptic set of instructions to follow:

This is the dress I wore (ignore my graduation head poking out of the top..possibly the most unsexy hat in the world!):

Dress: Lipsy London (originally £145, down to £70 in the online sale)

The new shoes:

Off the top of my head I can't remember the name of the shop that these are from. I have an Outfit store near where i live which has loads of different shop sections within it (Burtons, Topman/Topshop, Miss Selfridge) and so on, and I can't remember which section it was from, but they were £40.

So the boyfriend took me to a beautiful Italian restaurant that I have literally been itching to go to, called Nolitas. It is a frequent haunt for Tottenham footballers and generally has a fairly wealthy clientele...however by booking three months in advance le boyfriend ensured we snagged a table for valentines! This is just a shot of the beautiful piano in the lobby.

Below is a picture of me trying to get a decent shot of my dress from behind in the hotel mirror, semi-successfully! The boyfriend took me to stay at Sopwell House, a beautiful hotel in Hertfordshire where football teams (most regularly the England team!) stay after matches. The halls are lined with signed football shirts of all the teams who have stayed there. I'm sure you can see a theme now...footballers restaurant, footballers hotel..im just dying to spot one;) haha.

All in all a very wonderful and romantic evening, tainted only by my impending flu!

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far:)

Holly xx

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