Monday, 14 September 2009

Club Review; Amika

Club: Amika
Location: High Street Kensington, London
"London’s prestigious High Street Kensington plays host to a new super elite, acutely vogue concept in members club. A unique playground for the extravagant, designed for affable debauchery and indulgent fun, without pretentiousness but exuding an abundance of class and style, it is the ultimate destination for major players and glitterati alike."

Not entirely noticable to pass by during the daytime, but at night this club is lined with well dressed Londoners queueing to get inside to see what Amika has to offer...and what it has to offer is really something! Amika was voted Best New Club in 2007 and Best Club 2008 at the London Bar and Club Awards, and after a night out here it really is easy to see why.

In terms of decor, this club is beautiful. After spending an evening chatting to the owner over a bottle or three of Dom Perignon champagne, it was evident that he'd clearly put a lot of thought and attention into the decor of this club.

The VIP Lounge

We were lucky enough to have the table at the forefront of the picture, where we were presented with two magnums of Grey Goose vodka. The staff are impeccably dressed; the men in smart suit trousers and shirts, the women in tight black trousers and pink and black corsets.

The corridors are black marble, and branch off into the VIP Lounge, the main room, and the cocktail bar. The music in the main room is fantastic, and without a doubt the best music I've heard in a club in a long time. The DJ actually works hard, he doesn't just press play, he mixes and remixes songs fantastically, and the vibe is awesome. On our second visit to Amika we were invited to dance in the dancers cage up above the DJ booth in the main room. It was immense! The walls of the main room are decorated with retro black metallic wallpaper (I want it in my bedroom please!)

Like a lot of London clubs, Amika operates on a guestlist and membership basis. Entry for non members is £20, although girls get in free before 11.30pm. Annoyingly, drinks at Amika are not cheap unless you have access to a guestlist table, but again I think this is standard at most London Clubs. London is renowned for its extortionate drinks prices. I have been fortunate enough not to have had to pay for drinks at this club but I believe a spirit and mixer costs around the £14 mark (yes I am talking singles, extortionate!) Ordering a bottle of alcohol for your group or table is an exciting occasion, as they are presented to you by the stunning staff, with lit sparklers in the top. It's always fun watching to whom these bottles are presented to, incase you happen to spot a celeb or footballer! Nelly, Usher and Kelly Rowland are among numerous celebrity party goers to attend a night out at Amika.

The owner Ali & I, with a bottle of delicious Dom Perignon champagne :)

On my first visit to Amika I wore a total New Look bargain;

Dress; or should I say vest top. Black with greyish streaks, and dotted with glitter. Love love love this outfit. £12 (down to £6 with fabby 50% staff discount)
Peeptoe Heels; £22 down to £11

Drinks prices aside, I would highly reccommend this club, for the music and for its stunning interior. It really is beautiful :) Always an occasion to get dressed up in your favourite outfit!
Gogogogo :)


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