Saturday, 19 September 2009

Product Review; No7 Protect&Perfect Hand Cream

"Younger longer
This quickly and easily absorbed moisturiser vanishes to reveal beautifully younger looking hands with fine lines appearing reduced in just 2 weeks"

Just thought I'd throw in a product review because my last few posts have been a little off topic!
I gave this product a go myself, but I also put it to the test on my other half as he actually suffers from dry hands due to the nature of his job. He is a newly qualified radiographer (proud!) and because he is working in a hospital all day he is forever washing his hands with that special hospital soap, which is incredibly drying to the skin after multiple washes. This makes him the ideal candidate/guinea pig for testing out moisturisers.

He and I both agree that this product is 'quickly and easily absorbed', like it states. It really does sink in incredibly quickly. In my personal opinion I like to feel my moisturiser on my hands for a little longer, but this product is perfect for those who don't. It is very lightly fragranced, not at all overpowering.

I have the 25ml travel size, which I believe I aquired from my mum (although I really can't remember!) but this product retails in Boots at £10.25 for the 75ml tube. My boyfriends only qualm with this product is that mine isn't in a bigger bottle!

I would say definately the perfect moisturiser if you just want to moisturise and get on with things, but if your anything like me and enjoy moisturising as part of a pampering session, I wouldn't say its my favourite.

What are your favourite moisturisers? If you have any that I can reccommend to my poor dry handed boyfriend then please do leave a comment :)


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