Friday, 18 September 2009


Seen this tag floating around and decided to get on board!


~ Supercars; today has only served to enhance my love for fast, expensive automobiles!
~ Galaxy Cookie Crumble; if you havn't tried one of these yet, I suggest you do. Immediately if not sooner!
~ Tinted moisturiser, I'd be lost without it! Lovelovelove No. 7 Tinted Moisturiser..and hurrah for the Boots £5 off vouchers!
~ Freshers Week! I'm getting a little old for Freshers now but it hasn't lost its appeal yet


~ Career Developement Loan; so annoying that you can't get a student loan to cover masters, despite the fact that universities/government know that students cant afford to pay for it themselves. Instead you have to get out a scary bank loan which you have to start repaying one month after your course finishes. :(

~Being broke. Its just lame. I'm sure you'll agree?


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