Thursday, 17 September 2009

Window shopping

Due to the realisation that I am flat broke, I was reduced to window shopping today at work. Sad sad times indeed.
Especially since a customer returned probably the most gorgeous pair of pumps I have ever seen (not sure on her reasons for the return, even if they were uncomfy she should have kept them purely because they are so pretty!) They are £20, silver (although they come in a pearly colour also), with jewelled detailing on the front, as well as little pearls and little flowers. Sadly my limited description doesn't do them justice, and I can't find a picture on the New Look website. I've been informed that they come in high heels too, lovely! Roll on payday! When these beauties are mine I will photograph and post:)

Incase anyone is interested, just a heads up that New Look is offering 20% off starting from Monday, for students holding a valid student/NUS card.

Also just wanted to say a big thankyou (and hello!) to you lovely ladies who have chosen to follow my blog, very much appreciated :)


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