Monday, 28 September 2009

My 22nd Birthday =]

Heyhey. Apologies for my absense from the blogosphere lately, so much has been going on in terms of starting my Masters and trying to sort out the finance for it, among other things!

So on Saturday 26th September I turned the grand old age of 22! I went to the amazing new venue that has just opened at the University of Hertfordshire, called The Forum, which I will review at a later date when I have experienced all that it has to offer.

Me with my favourite doorman, Rob. Wearing my trusty New Look £6 bargain dress, its my favourite clubbing outfit:)

So for my birthday I recieved some really lovely and thoughtful gifts from my nearest and dearest, and here is a selection of a few of them.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, my wonderful boyfriend did indeed purchase me nine bottles of the wonder fake tan that is St Moriz! He had them sent down specially from the North because you can't purchase them anywhere near where I live, bless him. He also bought me my favourite perfume, YSL - Elle, which to me is the sexiest fragrance I've ever smelt, and one that never goes without a compliment on a night out. Definately more of a night time fragrance than a daytime fragrance, but it smells gorgeous.
My mum bought me the gorgeous storage/decorative boxes on the left of the picture. I think she picked them up in TK Maxx (she is an addict to that shop!), along with the pink box to the right of the St Moriz which contains a gorgeous set of sleeping products, including a lavender spray for your pillow that actually knocked me out like a light last night. If you are a troubled sleeper like moi then I would highly recommend a spray of this sort.
Thats all for now, as its late and I have to get up early tomorrow to purchase my hot new mobile phone, excited!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend

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